iSEE PVBoard FAQ’s

Interested in iSEE's new PVBoard Display? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

How long does it take to design and receive a PVBoard Display?

Once a customer has provided the necessary information (rough size, packaging specs, etc), the design process takes approximately 5 business days. The full design process will depend on how many rounds of revisions to the initial design are needed. Once the PVBoard Display design is approved and the purchase order is placed, PVBoard orders take 4-6 weeks for domestic production or 12-14 weeks for overseas production (which costs less).

What makes iSEE PVBoard different from corrugate options?

 iSEE PVBoard displays are made with our patent-pending pvboard material that is a more pliable, durable and premium-looking material than corrugated cardboard. PVBoard displays also use a patent-pending shelf-locking system makes it a more secure option.

PVBoard Vs Corrugate Chart


What are the specs for a PVBoard Display?

Because iSEE PVBoard Displays are ALL custom-designed, the specs vary greatly! The dimensions, number of shelves and maximum weight/capacity will be different for virtually every display we design. However, as a starting point, we’ve created some “base” designs. Specs for those as followers:

  • Small Counter Display
    • 8.5” w x 8.23” d x 10.5” h 
    • MOQ: 100
  • Large Counter Display
    • 12.5” w x 8.23” d x 23” h
    • MOQ: 100
  • Small Floor Display
    • 9.5” w x 9.23” d x 55” h
    • MOQ: 100
  • Large Floor Display
    • 14.5” w x 10.23” d x 61.05” h

    • MOQ: 100


How much weight can a PVBoard Display shelf hold?

 iSEE will provide a maximum weight capacity-per-shelf based on your unique shelf size and design. As a guideline, the largest recommended PVBoard shelf size is 16”w x 14”d and holds up to 40lbs.

Can PVBoard Displays be used outside?

Unlike corrugate displays, iSEE PVBoard Displays are water impervious. While these are not permanent displays, they will last longer outdoors (or indoors) than corrugate or palboard displays.

Can I get a sample?

iSEE has samples of the patent-pending pvboard material and limited examples of smaller PVBoard Displays that can be requested as samples. As part of the order process, a 3D render sample of your unique display is provided at no cost; a physical sample can be produced at-cost without a purchase order OR at no cost with a purchase order.

How Do I Place an Order?

As a truly custom product, iSEE PVBoard Displays must be custom ordered. To start the process, contact your iSEE sales rep or to get assigned a dedicated sales rep.